Black Fungus In Khammam

15 May, 2021 16:34 IST|Sakshi Post

Khammam: The country is facing the Corona second wave and in these difficult times, another virus, Black Fungus, is creating panic among the people. It is reported that many have died due to Corona Virus. Now, black fungus cases are slightly increasing in the country. Doctors identified a black fungus case in Madhira at Khammam.

As per details, Talluri Bhadrayya is a resident of Nerada village at Madhira in Khammam. Recently, he recovered from Covid19. Now, he has black fungus symptoms. Doctors at Khammam government hospitals recommended that the patient admits to Gandhi hospital.

Earlier, a black fungus case was registered in Adilabad. Due to this, one person died.

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