BJP Dares Revanth Reddy To Fix Congress' Existential Crisis In Telangana

4 Feb, 2021 12:20 IST|Sakshi Post

The Telangana BJP has condemned statements made by Congress MP Revanth Reddy and termed them baseless and frivilous ridden with lies. In an official statement released by BJP spokesperson K Krishna Sagar Rao, the Telangana BJP said that it was wrong to link Kishan Reddy's responsibility with a secret pact with KCR.

Here goes the official statement issued by Telangana BJP

I strongly refute the baseless and devious statements being made by MP Revanth Reddy on BJP senior leader, MOS Home G.Kishan Reddy.

Revanth Reddy seems to be making statements just to be in news these days. His statements on Kishan Reddy in reference to a new party assignment as Tamilnadu election in-charge are unwarranted and frivolous.

It's juvenile and funny that MP Revanth Reddy connects a party's internal assignment of Kishan Reddy with  an imaginary secret pact with CM KCR.

Looks like Revanth Reddy is day dreaming with his eyes wide open, on the revival of Congress party in Telangana, by spinning low level lies, and trying to sell imaginary conspiracy theories on BJP and its leaders.

Congress is at a terminal stage both at the national front and in Telangana. People of Telangana have no positive aspirations neither on Congress nor on its leaders.

If competent, MP Revanth Reddy should try to assess and fix the existential crisis, his party is facing in Telangana. Banking purely on the tactic of casting aspersions and selling fake stories against BJP and its leaders, will give zero results.

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