Bandi Sanjay’s Praja Sangrama Yatra Ends On October 2

25 Sep, 2021 10:08 IST|Sakshi Post

BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay completed 28 days of Padayatra as a part of Praja Sangrama Yatra. He has been in Rajanna Sircilla for the last two days where Union Minister Rao Sahid accompanied Sanjay’s padayatra.

Later, in the press conference, Bandi Sanjay said Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao did not fulfil any of the promises he made during the elections. He pointed out about the implementation of double bedroom houses, KG to PG free education, the appointment of Dalit Chief Minister. MP Bandi lamented that people are dissatisfied with the ruling party.

“To prove that we care for people, we are participating in the padayatra”, said Bandi Sanjay Kumar.

Sanjay further questioned the government to explain the allocation of money given by the Centre after the state government alleges that the Central government is not releasing any funds to Telangana.

Bandi Sanjay felt that people across the country have faith in Modi which is why he became the Prime Minister of India for the second time. He later stated that the first phase of Praja Sangrama yatra will come to an end on October 2, on the eve of Gandhi Jayanthi.

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