Akhila Priya Trying To Get Me Killed: AV Subba Reddy

6 Jun, 2020 19:18 IST|Sakshi Post

KURNOOL: TDP leader and former aide of Bhuma Nagi Reddy AV Subba Reddy once again stirred the hornet’s nest by accusing former minister Bhuma Akhila Priya and her husband Bhargava Ramudu of conspiring to get him killed by hired goons.

Speaking to media on Saturday, AV Subba Reddy, a close associate of Bhuma Nagireddy till the latter’s death, said that he got to know about the plot to murder him from the police and that he was shocked to learn about the chilling details of the murder plot.

“I have not lodged a complaint against Akhila Priya. Instead of responding to my allegations, she is asking me to come down to Allagadda, Is she going to teach me politics now? Even though I was attacked two and a half months ago, I’m still staying mum. Whether Akhila Priya is a culprit or not (in the attack and conspiracy) is the question now,” Subba Reddy, a former chairman of AP Seeds Corporation, said. 

Citing a past instance, he claimed that he had saved Bhuma Nagireddy by carrying him on his shoulders when he came under attack while proceeding to file his nomination papers. “I come with a history of protecting my followers. Then, why did they intend to kill me?.” he wondered.

Subba Reddy also made clear that there are no financial dealings between his family and Bhuma Nagireddy family. He added that he had sacrificed the Nandyala MLA seat for the sake of Akhila Priya’s father Bhuma Nagireddy.

Asserting that he would support anyone other than Bhuma Akhila Priya as the in-charge of Allagadda, he said that he had taken up this issue even to the TDP top leadership.

On the other hand, Kadapa police have issued a notice to former minister Akhila Priya’s husband Bhargava Ramudu asking him to appear before them for questioning. Bhargava Ramudu is the prime accused in the case related to a murder attempt on AV Subba Reddy. 

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