27 AP-Telangana Trains Cancelled Due To Poor Occupancy

31 May, 2021 16:34 IST|Sakshi Post

South Central Railway: Passenger’s alert!

27 AP-Telangana trains canceled.

HYDERABAD: Several trains between the states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were canceled, despite assurances from officials that the cancellations were not due to a passenger shortage.

The South-Central Railway released a press statement on Sunday about the cancellation of 27 trains plying between the two states.

The coronavirus impact, followed by the lockdown and now with the extension in both the states has resulted in many trains traveling empty owing to the impact of the above reasons on people's travel plans. As a result, train occupancy is severely decreasing and the railway department has already halted the services of several trains that operate between the Telugu states.

Several trains between Telangana and Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra have also been suspended by the Andhra Pradesh state. The authorities have provided a list of Southern Railway-related trains that have been canceled.

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