MLC Kavitha Demands Immediate Rollback Of The Latest Minimum Wage

23 Dec, 2020 17:41 IST|Sakshi Post

MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha met the Immigrations Association in Hyderabad today. In the interaction she made a strong demand for rolling back of the regressive order that reduces they Minimum Wages for Indian labour in Gulf countries by 40%  

Kavitha said that about 90 lakh migrants from across the country are currently working in the Gulf counties among these a majority belongs to states of Telangana Bihar, UP,  and Kerala. She further stated that the support of MEA is very limited for the immigrants who already work in harsh conditions, even in comparison with smaller countries like Philippines. She added saying that this move will give the respective countries a reason to further reduce the current and existing wages of the migrants.

Daughter of Telangana CM lashed out at the BJP for the unruly notification and said that the country already lags behind in terms of strong immigrants policy and the existing notification that reduces the compensation by 40% has only added to the troubles of immigrants. 

MLC Kavitha further said that the notification also opens the possibility of massive job loss, loss of capital and would induce the compulsion of employment at forced minimum wages. She in her interaction earlier today also said that if our own Government will not put in place pro-people policies, how can we expect any other country to respect our fundamental rights.

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