Huzurabad: Harish Rao Fires A Salvo at Etela

24 May, 2021 14:35 IST|Sakshi Post

The land encroachment allegations on former minister Etela Rajender have become a hot topic in Telangana politics for the past few days. The Huzurabad assembly constituency is likely to have by-poll elections after Etela recently made it clear that he will soon resign as MLA.

Meanwhile, the TRS party has already put in place its political strategy to defeat Etela, who is known to have a good grip over the joint Karimnagar district and handed over the responsibility to Minister Gangula Kamalakar.

However, the ruling party is in the perception that Gangula could not handle the situation and KCR's nephew T Harish Rao was brought into the picture. The Party High Command launched Operation Huzurabad with Minister Harish Rao and ensured that no leader leaves the Party fold. Harish Rao held a meeting with the TRS leaders in Kamalapur Mandal. The leaders clarified that TRS will always have their back and their support will be with the party.

Harish Rao is known to be the troubleshooter for the ruling party as he is confident to tackle difficult situations and carry out the given task effectively. It is to be noted that Harish Rao was never wrong with his assumptions in political affairs.
Meanwhile, Etela Rajender is trying to win over people in the region by using the BC Category card. He has also been meeting other party leaders in order to gather support. Political experts believe that it is in this context, TRS brought Harish Rao into the picture.

Despite this, many questions are coming in as to why Etela is not resigning from his MLA post. However, Etela gave clarity on this stating that he will be leaving the MLA post after the Corona lockdown ends.

Etela from his end recalled that High Court and Supreme Court slammed the governments that conducted elections and were the reason for the super spread of Coronavirus due to the elections and campaigns. Stating that he didn't want to trouble the public, hence he was not resigning from the post as yet.

On the other hand, after CM KCR took over the medical and health portfolio, Minister Harish Rao was seen accompanying the Chief Minister and also participating in several meetings related to the pandemic as his representative. Political experts opine that there are chances of KCR handing over the health portfolio responsibilities to Harish Rao. 

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