Huzurabad Bypolls: TRS, BJP Worried About Symbols Confusing Voters

11 Oct, 2021 12:47 IST|Sakshi Post
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 Similar Party Symbols Confusion Causing Tension Among TRS, BJP |​ HUZURABAD Bypolls: The ruling TRS party and the BJP are worried about the party symbols which are similar in nature to theirs might cause confusion among the voters in the upcoming Huzurabad byelections.   After the nominations were filed for the  Huzurabad by-election, it is worthy to note that some candidates chose election symbols that were similar to the TRS car symbol and the BJP’s lotus symbol.

 The ruling TRS had faced a similar situation during the 2014 and 2018 General Elections in the State, as such identical symbols were responsible for their defeat in many places. The symbols like road roller, truck, farmer’s tractor, chapati roller pin, autorickshaw, iron box, bus, lorry were the cause of the split of TRS votes in the previous assembly elections.

Keeping this in mind the TRS had asked the Election Commission to remove such similar symbols from the list. In response, the Election Commission removed the truck, road roller, and auto symbols from the list. The ruling TRS party had come to the conclusion that the truck symbol in the EVMs in the last assembly elections resulted in the TRS party votes going to the candidates with the truck symbol as it was similar to the car symbol. In Sangareddy and Nakirekal constituencies, the TRS party lost because of the truck symbol. The TRS then complained to the Central Election Commission that the truck mark assigned to the Forward Bloc party should be removed.

Now in Huzurabad, they continue to face a similar situation and tension...  In a bid to create mischief several independent candidates have applied for chapati rollers, farm tractor, iron boxes, lorries, and bus symbols, which are similar to the TR car symbol.

The same is the case of the BJP, where symbols like cauliflower and pineapple were applied by few candidates. Both these look like the official symbol of the BJP, the lotus flower when viewed from a distance. The saffron party leaders are worried that if the EC approves of these signs it might create trouble for them as well. In another instance, an independent candidate requested that the pen nib symbol be assigned to him. What was noteworthy was that the pen nib looked like a lotus in bloom when viewed from a distance.

In another interesting twist to the nominations, a person by the name of E. Rajender had filed a nomination that was closely identical to the BJP candidate Etela Rajendar's name in a deliberate bid to confuse the voters. RDO Arvind Reddy stated that they would look into the issue of the symbols after the scrutiny of nominations is over. A decision would be made after the scrutiny on the 11th of October and we will abide by the rules of the Election Commission, he stated.

By-elections to the Huzurabad constituency in Karimnagar will be held on October 30th and the counting of votes will take place on November 2nd.

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