GHMC Elections 2020: BJP Stoking Communal Hatred For Votes, Says KTR

21 Nov, 2020 11:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Telangana Municipal Minister and TRS working president K T Rama Rao on Friday addressing TRS candidates at Telangana Bhavan made fun of BJP's false campaign promises to win votes in the GHMC election.
“I challenge them to get Rs one lakh crore package from the Centre for development of Hyderabad to prove their commitment to the city and its people,” he said.

KTR said BJP leaders always rake up the Hindu- Muslim issues or India -Pakistan border issues whenever the election comes. “Whenever there are elections, the BJP rakes up Hindu-Muslim communal hatred and India-Pakistan border issues. Don’t they have other issues of public welfare and development while seeking votes?”

“The BJP-led Central government did not release a paisa to flood-hit Hyderabad when the TRS government spent over Rs 650 crore to extend immediate flood relief to the affected families. How will anyone believe the BJP State president Bandi Sanjay Kumar’s promise to distribute Rs 25,000 per affected family if they win GHMC elections when the Centre has not released a paisa so far?” he said, adding that BJP leaders are becoming fools in front of State people with their statements. 

KTR also pointed out BJP State president Bandi Sanjay's statement on assurance to pay traffic challans. KTR wanted to know if the BJP government in Gujarat was paying all the traffic challans of violators.

The minister said the TRS government, in complete contrast, arranged about 300 Shramik trains to transport migrant workers free of cost and wanted to know where the Congress and BJP leaders were during the Covid pandemic and during the heavy rains that affected thousands of families in Hyderabad.

KTR stated that it's time for the people to decide whether they want a peaceful atmosphere to continue attracting more investments to the State or destruction. Minister K T Rama Rao handed over B-forms to some TRS candidates.

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