Why Is 2020 Most Ideal For Canada Tech Immigration?

1 Aug, 2020 14:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Canada in recent years has seen the growth of the technology sector across several territories and provinces. This has made a potential opportunity for immigration consultants and immigrants to have predicted that 2020 seems to be the most favorable time for immigration in the IT sector. 

In recent years, the maple leaf country has taken relevant decisions resulting in the growth of its technology sectors. With an increasing number of tech immigration in the country, the technology sector has become the fastest growing industry across Canada. It is providing a good turnover which is even higher than that of Silicon Valley in the US.

The demand for skilled and talented professionals in Canada has increased significantly in recent years. This has contributed to the accumulation of technology as well as the IT sector in Canada. Because of this reason, tech workers around the world prefer Canada as an ideal destination for career and migrating opportunities. 

Some of the popular cities of Canada have established themselves as an important international platform for futuristic technologies such as AI and sustainable energy technology in cities like Toronto, Montreal, Halifax among and others. Moreover, several big names in the technology sector have identified Canada as an emerging market for the tech industry. 

Some of the forecasted in-demand IT occupations in Canada for the year 2020 include Developer, Programmer, Quality Assurance Analyst, IT Project Manager, Data Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Network Administrators, Software Engineers, Technical Support Specialist. Along with this, the in-demand tech-related skills include Java, Linux, SQL, Python, C/C++, Java script, Agile etc. 

Why are Tech Workers migrating to Canada?

  • Canada's tech sector is booming for a few years now. This has opened up new routes of opportunity for the tech professionals to venture into a new world where their skills will have matching livelihood potentials. 
  • Since the USA has imposed certain restrictions on immigration laws, skilled workers have shifted their routes to Canada because of feasibility. As compared to the H-1B Visa of the USA, Canada is a better place for tech professionals to obtain a work permit. 
  • The overall immigration process is simpler and transparent compared to the H1B visa of the USA. For other countries, it might take almost 10 years to get the Green Card issued. However, in the case of Canada, an applicant can obtain the Canadian permanent residency within a year or two. This comes as a great relief for immigrants as the process is fast, transparent and quicker. 
  • Also, Canada has come up with various important visa programs for attracting tech professionals. This is done through the Global Talent Immigration platform that operates under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program of Canada. Under this particular immigration stream, the work permit applications from tech workers are being processed within two weeks. In addition to this, one major immigration pathway designed for international tech workers to assist them to migrate to Canada is called a provincial Nominee Program.

Canada is offering various ever-growing employment opportunities for growing and skilled professionals across the world. If you are a tech professional seeking a permanent resident visa to Canada, then you may contact highly experienced immigration consultants at the various authentic platforms. 

There are several ways through which you can apply for Canadian PR visa process. The most recognized immigration programs goes by the name The Express Entry System, The Provincial Nominee Program(PNP), Study Visa and other possible immigration pathways. 

Canada's commitment of including more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years stands as a guiding light for those who want to settle in for exploring promising career opportunities. 


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