WhatsApp's New Feature Helps Stop Fake News From Spreading

5 Aug, 2020 10:24 IST|Sakshi Post

After a long test period of more than a year, WhatsApp's Reverse Image Search is now officially rolling out for WhatsApp to aid people monitor the spread of fake news. The option will now be available in Brazil, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States for the new versions of WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web.

If you happen to receive a message that has been forwarded several times, you will see an option that shows a message that has been sent to several WhatsApp contacts and has the potential to contain harmful false news. The magnifying glass option is visible that allows you to instantly scan and actually check the particular link or image.

Here are the features that help curb the spread of misinformation of fake news.

Reverse Image Search:

WhatsApp's reverse image search is intended to help reduce the dissemination of fake news. Known as the 'Search Image' tool, this feature enables users to search for any image they post on the app. Users can press the image for a long time and select the 'search image' option.

In-app Browser:

WhatsApp is supposed to run an in-app browser. Currently, all links when opened are redirected to the mobile's default browser. Apps like Facebook and Twitter have their own in-app connect browsers. WhatsApp's in-app browser is also said to warn users if a website is contaminated with malicious content.

Advanced Search Tool:

This feature makes it easier to scan for files on WhatsApp. WhatsApp actually allows users to browse by using keywords. The new feature would allow users to select a file form, such as images, GIFs, links , videos, documents and audio. WhatsApp Advanced Search Tool can also list the number of files available for each group.

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