Multi-Device Logins Feature On WhatsApp Soon!

13 Jun, 2020 09:50 IST|Sakshi Post

NEW DELHI: Facebook-owned WhatsApp constantly tries to come up with the best features and now the instant messaging service has started testing new features like multi-device login support, improved search, chat clearing, and many more.

According to WABetaInfo a blog that keeps an eye on the new WhatsApp features and updates has found that WhatsApp is testing different features within the latest beta builds for iOS and Android. WhatsApp has been working on a multi-device support feature for quite a long time and the latest reports say that the feature is very soon going to come.

The multi-device login support is one of the best features that will make the users switch from one device to another easily. If this feature is available then there is no need to logout across devices and it would save a lot of time. As of now, WhatsApp account can't be logged in to two devices at a time unless one is using WhatsApp Web. Multi-device login feature will help the users to log in to more than one device. The WABetaInfo has found that it is being tested with up to four devices logged in simultaneously. This feature would be of more useful for those people who regularly switch from one device to another.

WhatsApp is also working on other features like 'Seach By Date' which means the user can be able to search chats by 'date' in both individual as well as group chat. This feature will make it much easier for the users to find date-specific messages and images. This feature is currently been testing for iOS users and is likely to come on Android as well.

The other features that WhatsApp has started testing are enhanced storage usage, new clear chat feature, and support for ShareChat. The new clear chat feature will make the users able to clear all messages except for the messages that have been “starred”. It will make it much easier to delete messages that are unnecessary. This feature is better than the already available 'Clear Chat' feature. WhatsApp has launched numerous new features to fight against the spread of fake news on the platform. It also introduced chatbots in association with the government of India, a limited forward messaging feature.

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