WhatsApp Option For Users To Appeal For Banned Accounts

1 Jul, 2022 15:10 IST|L Manisha

WhatsApp has added another useful feature for users who are using the beta version of the messaging app. Users who have been banned from the platform may now file their own requests to recover access. The most recent information comes from WaBetaInfo, which found the feature on the platform. Every month, WhatsApp disables hundreds of accounts that violate the application's rules and conditions. A few weeks ago, the site banned over 16 lakh Indian accounts, which is a massive number. WhatsApp appears to be giving people a second chance for blocked accounts. 

If your account is banned, you will get the notice "This account is not permitted to use WhatsApp" when you open it. We prohibit accounts if we feel the account behaviour violates our Terms of Service, such as when it includes spam, fraud, or endangers the safety of WhatsApp users. According to the report, while attempting to get into a banned WhatsApp account, users may contact WhatsApp support straight from within the app. You won't find the option in the messaging app, and you'll have to visit the WhatsApp support page to submit a review request to get your account back.

The most recent beta version of WhatsApp includes a revoke option for banned accounts within the app. When you select it, WhatsApp support will review your account and device data to "look for illegal activity that violates their terms of service." When you submit a review request, you will be asked to have some extra information.

If the platform finds that your account was mistakenly banned after you submit the review, your account may be restored. However, if WhatsApp finds that your account has broken its Terms of Service, you will not be allowed to use your previous account again, and you will not be given a third opportunity.

It is still unknown when the new feature will be included in the stable version of WhatsApp. If you use the stable version and your account is blocked, you may still cancel a review request. Instead, go to the platform's contact page and write them an email requesting that your blocked account be cancelled.

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