Snapchat Users in India Touch 100 Million

28 Oct, 2021 10:56 IST|L Manisha

Snapchat is used a lot and people are crazy about the Streaks count they get for a snap. Every day, users send a Snap and their streak gets longer.  Snapchat is famous for its unique filers, which is not found anywhere else. Earlier on Wednesday, Snapchat announced that it had reached 100 million monthly users in India. To celebrate Snap's growing network of Indians, the company virtually hosted the second edition of "Snap in India."

"We have invested significantly to localize the Snapchat experience for the Indian population.  We've contributed culturally appropriate content, built vibrant and innovative local creator communities, and invested in local goods, marketing campaigns, and language support," stated the Snap Co-Founder and CEO, Evan Spiegel. 

Snap has also announced a strategic collaboration with Indian eCommerce Flipkart to develop an innovative AR experience for eCommerce. The customers will be able to begin their buying and e-Commerce interaction journey using Snapchat AR, making the process simple from the comfort of their homes. 

Snap will launch Yellow Tree Bootcamp, a free, early-stage founder-focused program in India. This event will bring together professionals from Snap and the Indian startup community to discuss finance, operations, and development, as well as how to utilise tools like Snap Kit and Snapchat Ads Manager to succeed.

The firm just launched Creative Marketplace, which enables marketers to directly engage with artists and pay them to make branded content, with 100% of the transaction going to the creator. AR Lens Creators in India are now taking part, and it will soon be available to Snap Stars in India.

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