Clench Your Fist To Answer Calls Using Samsung's Galaxy Watch 3

27 Jul, 2020 11:00 IST|Sakshi Post

Just a few days to go, Samsung is going to unveil its fancy Galaxy Watch 3. The Galaxy Watch 3 will incorporate hand gestures. Now, it is going to be very simple to answer and reject the calls - Clench and unclench your fist to answer a phone call or shake your fist to reject a call. The XDA Developers have made a deep dive into the new Galaxy Watch 3 app, to know what Samsung is offering.

Not only gesture control for calls, Galaxy 3 also provides a feature similar to that of Apple Watch like fall detection. With this feature, if a person falls, the wearable rings for 60 seconds, waiting for confirmation on whether you're fine or not. If the watch does not receive any response within the stated timeframe then it sends a text with your location and a 5-second audio clip to your emergency contact.

Sources say that Samsung is working to make their watches more accessible, particularly to the visually impaired people. For starters, one should be able to adjust the size of text, icons, and content on the screen to be larger. Alternatively, to help create contrast and the eye strain, one can use the option of Samsung's Colour Lens.

The XDA-Developers' report also indicates that the latest Galaxy Watch 3 would bring a few default face-watch options, including those from the Galaxy Note 20 series, as well as a simpler way to take screenshots.

Sources say that the Galaxy Watch 3 will come with a smaller size of 41 mm and 45 mm and will have Watch Active 2 apps such as ECG and blood pressure monitoring, among other features.

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