Philips Air Mask Price is Worth it?

13 Sep, 2021 12:02 IST|Sakshi Post

A couple of years ago, the necessary things you would carry while leaving the house would have been different but now one important thing has been added to it. It is not just your phone, wallet, probably earphones and all, but the most important item now is the mask. In countries like South Korea, they have had this habit of using face masks for a long time, but due to Covid19, this habit has had to be adopted by other nations as well.

It is not just about Covid19 and protecting yourself from the virus, it is also necessary that you save yourself from pollution. You step out of the house and you are hit with sunrays, dirt, and smoke coming out of the vehicles. That’s harmful, obviously. So protect yourself by wearing not just any mask but a good pollution filtering mask is necessary.

Recently Philips came up with their new Philips Air Mask, but the price of it can come as a surprise. One mask costs around Rs 6,990, approximately 7,000 you can say. The mask has two-way filtration with an integrated fresh air fan.

Philips Air Mask  

This mask has a unique proposition. The mask has a built-in fan, so it should help people with the breathlessness kind of feeling that they get after wearing a mask for a longer time. Plus when you are doing some physical activity or something like running, you need that space to breathe.

You will need to charge this mask. It has Micro USB charging and a washable mesh layer. It filters out the PM 2.5 particles. Now many experts are saying that you need to wear two layers of masks for better protection. This mask is like that. It has two layers in one mask.

The inner layer is effectively a multi-layer mask, and the two of these layers blend together to provide 4-layered air filtration, according to Philips. After a given amount of use, you'll need to replace this layer. Your indication will be the colour. The inner layer, when it gets darker it means it is time to replace it. Just to be clear, these are not N95 or N99 certified masks. It is to protect you from air pollution.

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