iPhone 13 Series Comes With Low Earth Orbit Satellite Communication Connectivity

30 Aug, 2021 15:40 IST|Sakshi Post

Apple analyst Ming-Chi is back with a new investor note, and this time he has an interesting iPhone rumour to share. The new iPhone 13 will have low earth orbit (LEO) satellite communication connectivity via custom Qualcomm X60 modems feature which will let them make calls, send text messages, and access the internet in regions where there is no cellular coverage.

Kuo goes on to say that network operators would have to collaborate with satellite communications providers like Globalstar to drive iPhones to their LEO satellite network without adding any extra contracts or fees. Globalstar has its own frequency band, the n53, which will be supported by Qualcomm's upcoming X65 5G modem.

Another LEO satellite powerhouse, SpaceX's Starlink, is using the technology to deliver satellite broadband Internet to its clients. According to Kuo, Apple is bullish on satellite communications and will explore possibilities to establish a stronghold in the market. Apple is reported to have an entire in-house team trying to bring satellite networking technology to more of its next gadgets.

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