Google’s Cloud Gaming Service Trials Doesn't Require Stadia Account

30 Oct, 2021 15:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Hello Engineer, Google Stadia's exclusive title is now available for a 30-minute free trial. According to 9To5Google, this option allows users to try out the game without having to pay for a Stadia Pro subscription. Players receive full access to the game after the free trial begins, with a countdown timer on the Stadia sidebar indicating how long the trial will last.

This is the experiment that Google will be doing for the coming months. For it, they will even select the titles in the coming days.

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All players need to do to try the game is going to the game's Stadia page, where they will discover a button offering a 30-minute free trial. Additionally, Google maintains a separate webpage for any future free trials that it may issue.

HUMANKIND will be the first game on Stadia for mobile to use a novel "direct touch" control method. Stadia debuts an altogether new manner of directing games with the release of HUMANKIND, a 4X turn-based strategy game. Instead of using a controller, Android users can use "direct touch," which delivers your on-screen touches directly into your game.

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