Google Forces Its Users To Buy One Subscription

13 Sep, 2021 14:55 IST|Sakshi Post

The tech giant company Google is forcing its users to use One Subscription by adding a new 5 TB cloud storage plan. This was made by Google after removing free storage Google Photos earlier in June this year.

Since the free storage removal, all data under Google services will come with a limit of up to 15 GB. However, if the user wants to back up his data, a monthly or yearly subscription is needed to be taken. Besides this, now the 5TB online storage costs Rs. 1,649 per month and an annual subscription is priced at Rs. 15,900.

Any user who wants to access the Google One 5TB plan must download the Google One mobile application. Earlier, there was no plan between the 2TB storage and 10 TB storage, but now, the company has brought 5 TB and also 20TB plan. Here are the full details of Google One plans and prices.

Plan Name


Price Per Month (Rs.) 

Price Per Annum (Rs.)

Basic 100GB 130 1,300
Standard 200GB 210 2,100
1TB 749 7,500
Premium 2TB 650 6,500
5TB 1,649 15,900
10TB 3,249 39,000
20TB 6,500 78,000
30TB 9,700 1,16,400

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