On Father's Day: Make Your Dad Financially Savvy Online

16 Jun, 2022 15:17 IST|Sakshi Post

Digital transformation has not just made life simple and convenient but also unlocked opportunities to plan the future and invest better. Today, the financial services which earlier required physical visits, extensive documentation, verification and other related hassles are available online at fingertips. Be it taking loans or investing in mutual funds, stocks or even cryptos, digital financial services have completely changed the game. As Father's Day is around the corner, here are 5 companies you can introduce to your dad to make him financially savvy online for a secured future.  

 1. Clix Capital: This smart, contemporary firm is making loans simpler, faster and accessible with the help of technology. Your father can now avail easy loans with minimum paperwork and most importantly, with maximum peace of mind. Clix Capital is eliminating loan-related worries for various needs such as personal loans, wedding loans, medical loans, home loans, business loans and others. It has emerged as a reliable source to help your father strengthen his finances without the need of any collateral, risking assets, or documentation.

2. Simpl: With a vision of simplifying the check-out experience for customers, Simpl utilises innovation to offer financial solutions. Built on the values of trust and transparency, the company is best to introduce your father to the concept of BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later). With this option, your father can buy products from merchants and Simpl will take care of the payment settlement.

3. ET Money: ET Money, India’s leading investment platform, provides innovative personalized solutions for the new-age investors. The company has set new benchmarks in the industry with its innovative products like investor personality, fund report card, portfolio health check and has recently launched its Genius membership that provides investing intelligence that is personalized for you. The platform can help dads to invest and manage their wealth in the most simplified and advanced way.

4. Acko General Insurance- Breaking away from the traditional insurance methods, the digital insurers can relieve your dad with scheme-related worries. It provides cashless claim settlements across the country for car or bike insurance, health insurance and others. It offers a wide network of garages and hospitals. Now, your father can buy an insurance plan with low premiums which is paperless and can settle insurance claims hassle free and stress free.

5. CoinDCX-   The emergence of new technologies have opened new vistas to explore and invest money for higher profits. As cryptocurrency is gaining popularity and acceptance, CoinDCX is making cryptos more accessible. The company with its investing and trading solutions has made crypto-based financial products for retail, HNI, and enterprise customers available for the Indian market. Recently, it has introduced a new crypto yield program 'Earn' to let customers idle their crypto assets and earn interest. You can introduce your father to smart finance programs with CoinDCX and let them explore the new world where they can learn and earn.

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