Electric Vehicle Komaki MX3: Check Rate, Mileage, Features

22 Mar, 2021 13:09 IST|Sakshi Post

Demand for electric vehicles is increasing all over the world as the air pollution caused by petrol and diesel engines is soaring too. Moreover, with the fuel prices being hiked every other day, EVs are the best bet for commuters. In fact, even governments are promoting these vehicles.

More companies are investing in this sector and many vehicles have already entered the Indian market. Leading electric bike maker Komaki has unveiled the 4th offering of their electric motorcycle range in the form of the new MX3.

As per features mentioned by the company, Komaki MX3 gets 17-inch wheels front and back and also gets LED indicators. Additionally, the motorcycle comes with a self-diagnosis and repair switch – how it works is not something that the company has spoken about, regen brakes, reverse assist, 3 riding modes, in-built Bluetooth speaker, and an LED instrument cluster.

The MX3 has a range of 85 km on a full charge which consumes 1.5 units of electricity. It comes with a removable Li-ion battery as well.

Komaki has priced the motorcycle at Rs 95,000 (ex-showroom) and is offering the bike in three colours – red, blue and black. The price of the electric bike is lower when compared to other vehicles.

As all the companies are focused on electric vehicles in recent times, experts suggest choosing a bike that offers excellent features and mileage at an affordable price in this order.

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