Top Spotify Features Everyone Should Know About

26 Jul, 2021 10:28 IST|Sakshi Post

Spotify is one of the finest and most used application for listening to music around the globe. Spotify provides the user with their favorite songs and albums but its interface is not that user-friendly, which creates stress for the users to manage music and albums.

Spotify is a platform that is currently providing the world's most popular music streaming service. This is the reason why it is having about more than 155 million premium subscribers and more than 350 million active users.

In this article, we are going to talk about those spotify premium apk features which the users are not aware of or either not making the best from it. If you are a paid user then these tips will definitely help you in taking out pennies from the Spotify services.

Top Spotify Features

  1. Offline Listening - The premium users of Spotify can download the music or a song to it offline later. This helps the users to save data and also helps in the collection of their favorite songs in one place. For downloading a song, click on three dots then select 'download'.

  2. Creation of New Playlist - For creating a new playlist, the user needs to visit the playlist category in 'Your Library'. Once you reach, there will be a music icon with a plus sign(Android), or if you are an iOS user then tap on the 'Edit' and 'Create' options. Following these simples rules will create a new playlist easily.

  3. Recovering a Deleted Playlist - This is the best feature that a user can ever have. If by mistake or due to any reason your playlist is deleted then visit Spotify's Account website and it will help you to restore the playlist that has been deleted. First Log in, then go to 'Account Setting', and select 'Recover Playlists'.

  4. Talk to Spotify - This is the latest feature added by Spotify but it is only available for the users of the US till now. Users can open the application just by saying "Hey Spotify". There are certain rules that are needed to follow for this feature to work as the phone to be unlocked. There is no data till now about how many users are using this feature but if you are a user from the US then definitely try out this feature.

  5. Privacy Mode - This can be better called private mode. If you are at a wild party with your friends and they are trying to mess of your collections or you don't want that your followers know what you are listening then privacy is for you. For starting a private mode, click on the upper right corner of Spotify's desktop app and then click on "Private Session". If you are a mobile user, then go on settings and click on 'Social', where you will find this mode.

  6. Visuals - This feature is not available within the app but there is a way to get this. Visuals are the colorful effects that run with music. This is something like software called WinAmp, which we used to see on our computer during the nineties. For getting access to this type of visuals, visit kaleidosync and follow the given instructions. One thing that you all should keep in mind is that this is a third-party app so it will ask for access to your Spotify account. Try this feature only if you are comfortable.

  7. Adding our Own Music - This feature is generally not looked at by the user but it has the ability to add local mp3 files to Spotify. For adding this feature, go on Spotify's Preference and turn on 'Show Local Files'. The folders will be available and you can add the music by clicking on "Add a Source'. The newly selected file be now visible under the 'Your Library' menu. Using this, you can also create a playlist.

  8. Getting the Best Sound Quality - Though the quality of Spotify's music is already good, one can still improve a bit. Go on settings, change the music quality from default to Low(24kbps), Medium(96kbps), High(160kbps), Or very high(320kbps) according to your preferred comfort.

Final Thoughts

Spotify is a user-friendly platform with the best features among all the musical apps. These extra features are just for entertainment and gaining new experience. We are sure that these features will help the user in some or another way.

If you know any of the amazing feature of the application, feel free to tell us.

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