7 Terms Not To Search On Google

2 Jan, 2021 15:24 IST|Sakshi Post

If we have any doubt about anything, what is the first thing we will do? Without any further delay, we would google it right! In many cases, Google can be of great help in giving information something one needs. But at time, my dear readers, be very careful in searching about a few things as it may finally land you in trouble. Here are a few list of things that you should refrain from Googling.

  • Customer Care Numbers:

One should not search for customer care numbers on Google. Generally fraudsters post fake customer care numbers on websites to make the people believe that these are original customer care numbers.

  • Online Banking Websites:

Never ever Google search to find your bank's online banking websites unless you know the exact URL. Try to enter official URL of your bank's online banking portal. Sometimes, fraudsters create a URL and homepage that looks exactly like the official one.

  • Avoid searching for apps and software on Google:

Try to avoid searching for apps and software on Google as it might lead to wrong app installations with malware content. It is always advisable to search for apps on official play stores. Android users try to download from playstore where as iPhone users download from App stores.

  • Don't search for medicines of medical symptoms:

It is highly recommended not to depend on Google search information to know about a disease or buy medicines based on the information present on Google.

  • Don't search for advices on personal finances:

Don't spend time by unnecessarily searching for investment plans that will make you rich. There are no such plans which would make a person rich.

  • Avoid searching for government websites:

Just like banking websites, fraudsters always eye on government websites. It is not an easy task to identify which website is original.

  • Social Media Websites:

It is better to login on social media websites using official URL.

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