10 Top Snapchat Tricks Everyone should know about

23 Nov, 2020 10:33 IST|Sakshi Post

Snapchat is a social media app that needs no introduction when it comes to multimedia messaging applications. There are tons of  features of the app that lets this app unique in its own way.

Here are some cool snapchat tricks that you should give it a try today and enhance your experience with this amazing application.

Top Snapchat Tricks for you in 2020

1. Recognition of songs with Shazam

Well this is not really a new feature while its sure some of us may have missed this awesome feature. So now you can recognise your favourite songs with your favourite music player like sahjan.

This feature can easily be used by just launching and just pressing & holding the camera button and clicking viewfinder under the app recognizes the song. If you want more features can also give a try to snapchat mod apk that lets you get some additional features to improve entertainment & joy.

2. Now Share Stories Where ever you want

With the new update there has been a new feature added by Snapchat to share stories outside the application. Now to share story outside Snapchat just tap and hold to bring options in the story where you can find more options to share the story outside the application.

3. Pay or send money using snapchat

Recently couple of months earlier Snapcash a new feature was launched by Snapchat that enables users to send money to their friends with just a few clicks.

So in order to configure your payment options you have to launch the app, tap on the profile icon present on the camera app and click on gear icon at top right corner where you will see snap cash options just upen it and set it up.

4. Search your favourite star

Unlike other apps snapchat really makes it is rare to find your favourite stars within seconds. You can see e stories and other stuff off your favourite celebrities whenever you want.

For this you don't have to enter celebrities names one by one. You can do this at once just click on search button inside the Snapchat app and enter the word official now what is Snapchat will do is it will list down all the official accounts starting with official celebrities. This is a super easy way to find lots of celebrities without hurting yourself typing username one by one.

5. Save/Download your Snapchat data

Now you can easily download your Snapchat history data with this feature. If it's been some time using this awesome application it is recommended that you download your Snapchat history data and it is super easy. Just go to accounts.snapchat.com and login with your username and password.

Here you will find so many options out of which you have to click on My Data & Submit to download it and save it away on your device.

6. Magic Eraser to enhance pics

This is is also not a new feature still it's very useful. Magic eraser in Snapchat app lets users to remove or replace unwanted things with amazing stickers.

It's easy to use this tool once captured the snap just tap on the scissor icon right on the screen.

7. Create Filters & Lenses for yourself

Now enjoy by creating your own filters and lenses in Snapchat application. You can create your desired custom filters for different occasions like weddings, birthdays etc.

Just head on to Profile->Settings & tap on Filters & Lenses option.

8. Control When should chats be deleted ?

This is really cool feature as you can control when your messages gets deleted. Since the chat that has been seen by both sender and receiver are deleted automatically however there is an option that lets you control automatic deletion of your chat.

Just swipe right when you are on camera screen. Further Press & Hold on a Friends name & click more.

Hit on Delete chats and choose one of the two options i.e. After Viewing or 24 Hours after Viewing.

9. Erase All Snapchat History

Have you ever find sometimes Snapchat app laggy or responding too late it? Chances are that there has been so much catch for app data 600 stored on your device. In this case you would want to delete all those cache so that your app Snapchat runs smoothly and without any unwanted loiter.

To do this, just hit Profile -> Settings -> Clear Cache and clear all the cache.

10. Beta version Joining to receive updates first

Now enroll yourself in Snapchat beta program in order to receive latest updates very early. By joining this program you will receive the updates are the features that are going to be added in the official version of the Snapchat application.

In order to join this program open Snapchat settings and click on join Snapchat beta.

Final Verdicts

Hope you enjoyed some of the amazing snapchat tricks and if you liked any of the tricks give it a try today.

If you know some of the cool tricks about snapchat we would love to hear from you.

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