WhatsApp Latest Feature Lets You Hide Group Chats

31 Jul, 2021 13:09 IST|Sakshi Post

WhatsApp recently unveiled a new feature that allows users to hide unwanted group chats without leaving them to take a look.

If the user is a member of any WhatsApp group, he or she can hide chat conversations or messages without having to leave the group.

WhatsApp, the short-messaging app, continues to attract users by delivering new updates regularly, despite increased competition from other platforms throughout the world. As part of this, WhatsApp has enhanced the previous archive message feature. The objective of this new version was to provide users with complete control over the performance of their archived chats. Archive Chat may be used by anybody to delete an individual or group chat from your chat list. If you're a member of a WhatsApp group, you may hide chat conversations or messages so you don't have to see them every time you log in. A new version of WhatsApp has been launched that prevents groups from appearing in the chat list.

Conversations will not be deleted if they are archived after the new update. They've just been hidden. They can also be de-archived at any moment. In comparison to the mobile edition of WhatsApp, the Archive Messages option is different in the web desktop editions of Android and iPhone. Let's look at how to archive a chat list in this scenario.

Hold the individual or group you wish to archive in the chat list for a while. Then, at the top of the screen, in the right corner. A downward-pointing arrow will emerge. The individual or group will be hidden if you click on it.

Steps to Use this Feature on iPhone, WhatsApp Web:


On the iPhone version of WhatsApp, swipe left on the chat or group you want to archive and select the archive option.

WhatsApp Web

To archive a chat or group, look for a contact name or the subject of the group in the search. Right-click on the individual or group chat you wish to archive on the WhatsApp Web or desktop version. Then select Archive Chat from the drop-down menu.

Recent Update:

For Archived Chats, WhatsApp has added additional options. WhatsApp is providing this update to users. Users will have more control over their inbox as a result of this. The archived chat list will be maintained in a separate folder, according to several users. With this in mind, WhatsApp has released a new version that includes additional settings. A previously archived contact or group will reappear in the chat list whenever a new message comes. Even though the new update generates notifications, it can be hidden from the archived list.

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