What Makes Tata Nexon EV 2020's Most Sold Electric Car In India

19 Jan, 2021 13:53 IST|Sakshi Post

Tata Nexon became one of the most sold electric cars in India. It was 2020’s top car with around 2,530 units of the car sold. According to last year’s statistics, Tata Nexon takes the top spot.

Following Tata Nexon was MG ZS EV on the second place. It sold around 1,142 units and third place was grabbed by Hyundai Kona EV with 223 units sold in 2020. These three were the top selling electric cars of last year.

The car had a modern style and backed with safety as well. It is not a pricey car and comes at an affordable rate. Nexon EV became one of the top choice for people in India.

In 2020, the total numbers of electric vehicles sold were 4,003. Out of this the Tata Motors Nexon EV sold 2,529 units in total. The car was launched in January 2020 and had an amazing sale, which is evident by the number of units.

Out of the total, 4,003, Nexon EV’s sales contributed 2,529 which is 63 percent of the total. MG ZS EV which is on the second place had a total share of 28.5 percent.

Hyundai Kona sold around 223 units and is therefore on third place with 5.6 per cent share.

Tata Nexon EV became the top electric car as it is relatively affordable with around 13.99 - 16.25 Lakh being the ex-showroom prize. 

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