Urban Company Launches Free Video Consult For Appliance Repairs

2 Dec, 2021 10:06 IST|Sakshi Post

This industry-first initiative is a one-of-a-kind disruption that will empower consumers with knowledge.

Gurugram: Trusted by more than 30 lakh households, Urban Company—Asia’s largest tech-enabled home services marketplace—launches a free video consultation for consumers for all its appliance repair services. This initiative will enable the consumer to understand the exact issue with an accurate diagnosis and cost estimate, leading to instant resolution all through a video call.

The industry-first initiative by Urban Company is a revolutionary move, set to change the way the appliance repair industry operates. Free video consultations will be provided to all its customers across India by senior experts with over 15 years of experience in the appliance repair industry. Given that knowledge is power, the goal is to give consumers control over the entire repair process. Sometimes an issue can be solved by consumers themselves with the guidance of an expert. For example, if your refrigerator is leaking, it could be something as simple as the drain cap getting blocked. If it is a major issue, the expert will diagnose the problem instantly and recommend a technician visit.

Speaking about the new campaign, Abhinav Tyagi, Senior Vice President – Marketing, Urban Company, said: "We, at Urban Company, always strive to use innovation and technology to deliver a far better and delightful experience to our consumers. One of the biggest issues consumers face whenever an appliance breaks down is the confusion and anxiety during the whole repair process, especially if they face overruns in both time and cost versus what they had estimated. We have launched a free and instant video consult service for repairs so that our senior experts, who have > 15 years of experience, can help our consumers with accurate diagnosis and correct estimates without having to invest significant time or money. We believe this advice will help our consumers make informed decisions whenever they need it."

Through this launch, Urban Company aims to empower consumers, arming them with the right knowledge and the right guidance for all their appliance repair needs.

How Video Consultation Works

1) Tap on the appliance under the Home Services section of the Urban Company app.

2) Select the appliance you want to get repaired.

3) Select the Instant Video Consult option.

4) Select the language in which you want the consultation.

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