One Plus TV Prices In India Hiked Again

19 Jul, 2021 18:21 IST|Sakshi Post

In India, the price of OnePlus TVs has risen dramatically. OnePlus has stated that the prices of its newly released OnePlus U1S TVs will be increased.

The price of a OnePlus TV in India has increased by up to Rs. 7,000.

Last month, the OnePlus TV U1S series was released with a starting price of Rs. 39,999 for the 50-inch model, which has now increased to Rs. 46,999.

The price of OnePlus TVs, including the new OnePlus TV U1S series, has gone up. While certain TV models have increased in price by a reasonable amount, others have climbed by 17.5 per cent or Rs. 7,000.

The reason for the price hike is not revealed yet. However, it is likely to be due to an increase in the cost of open-cell panels used by TV makers throughout the world, an increase in the cost of importing the parts needed to construct a TV, or even component shortages. As a result, some businesses have increased the price of televisions sold in India. OnePlus is one of the firms that has raised the price of its televisions.

In July last year OnePlus introduced two new OnePlus TV Y series models in India: a 32-inch and a 43-inch model. In May this year OnePlus released the 40-inch OnePlus Y1.

Starting with the lowest, the 32-inch model was first priced at Rs. 12,999, but was later hiked to Rs. 16,499, and is currently priced at Rs. 18,999, a 15% increase over the previous rise and over 50% over the launch price. The 43-inch model was initially priced at Rs. 22,999, but was then raised to Rs. 26,999. The TV is currently available at Rs. 29,499. Similarly, the 40-inch model, which was originally priced at Rs. 23,999, is now priced at Rs. 26,499.

There are three variants in the new OnePlus TV U1S series: a 50-inch model, a 55-inch model, and a 65-inch model. They went on sale for Rs. 39,999, Rs. 47,999, and Rs. 62,999 last month. The three versions are now available for Rs. 46,999, Rs. 52,999, and Rs. 68,999. That's a Rs. 7,000 price hike for the 50-inch model, which is the most expensive of the bunch. The 65-inch model is now Rs. 6,000 more expensive, while the 55-inch model is now Rs. 5,000 more expensive.

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