Now You Can Undo Your Tweets, But There's A Catch

17 May, 2021 13:49 IST|Sakshi Post

There is good news for Twitter users. Many people like this social media platform for various reasons. The overall experience is fine but if there is one thing that the users have been yearning for, is the edit tweets option or an ‘Undo’ button.

According to the reports, Twitter will now offer a new feature 'undo tweet' through which users will get a time frame to make changes to their tweets. You can change the spelling mistakes or other such errors. But there is a catch!

Details of the plans have been revealed and going by it, Twitter will reportedly introduce a premium 'Twitter Blue' service. It is going to be a paid service under which a user can get access to certain premium features. This will be exclusive to the premium package.

The benefits include Undo Tweet and Collections. Users will be able to organize their posts and go back to their old tweets as and when they want. It is a good feature for those who like to search for their memorable tweets but are unable to.

Even in this premium package, there will be different subscription options. Based on the package you have chosen, you will get access to certain features. For example, if you pay a higher amount, you will be getting an ad-free version of the app. That means no suggestions and promotional tweets.

Co-creator Twitter Amplify, Mike Park shared that Twitter is acquiring Scroll. “Scroll gives readers what they want: clutter-free reading across the web, and publishers what they need: a way to make more money than they would through ads on their site.” This will come as a part of the future subscription service on Twitter.

Another tweet explained the Subscription package. “Twitter is calling their upcoming Subscription Service “Twitter Blue”, priced at $2.99/month for now, including paid features,” read a post shared by Jane Manchun Wong.

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