Chip That Can Download 5,000 Movies In A Second!

25 May, 2020 08:03 IST|Sakshi

HYDERABAD: Due to coronavirus induced lockdown, most of the employees are working from home. To have a good work from home experience, the speed of the internet is of top priority. Not only during work time, but most of us also hate buffering or drop in quality while watching a movie or broadcasting live on social media platforms. So, to keep a full stop to such issues, researchers have found a new piece of technology.

Using an optical chip that is as small as a fingernail delivers 44.2 Tbps on an existing fiber line. This chip has already been tested in an existing fiber broadband line in Australia. The results of this chip were amazing, the internet speed have been achieved and even in the coded, in-field tests, the drop in peak speeds was not extreme.

A group of researches from universities of Monash, Swinburne, and RMIT in Australia worked on this and it was published in the Nature Communications journal. Professor Bill Corcoran said that, "What our research demonstrates is the ability for fibers that we already have in the ground, thanks to the NBN project, to be the backbone of communications networks now and in the future. We have developed something that is scalable to meet future needs." He further quoted that, "This data can be used for self-driving cars and can help the medicine, education, finance, and e-commerce industries - as well as enable us to read with our grandchildren from kilometers away."

The speed reached 44.2 Tbps at peak but the peak speed fell to 39 Tbps in a coded line. The researchers have used soliton crystal micro-combs to achieve this speed. The optical chip is a super high-density chip whereas a micro-comb is like a splitter that divides the existing optic fiber cable into 80 unique channels. The peak bandwidth capacity of the channel is maintained.

So, by deploying this chip inside the existing optical fibres, the speed of the internet can be increased drastically. One can download as many as 5,000 movies in a second, if one has 44.2 Tbps internet connection. Researchers are still working hard to come up with this new optical chip technology.

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