JioPhones New Data Plans Explained

4 Mar, 2021 14:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Reliance Jio introduced several new data plans for the customers. The customers in India can choose from these offers. These plans start from Rs. 22 as well. The validity depends on the plan. These plans start from Rs. 22 and even go up to Rs. 152.

The plan starts from Rs. 22 and that is the lowest cost. Other plans are Rs. 52, Rs. 72, Rs. 102, and Rs. 152. These are the plans available on Jio-Phones, exclusively. Any other user will not be able to avail the plan.

You can check the offers and plans on the Jio website and app. These are data plans and offer 2GB of 4G high-speed data for a validity of 28 days. When the data limit is reached, the speed will slow down a little.

Many people are calling this a desperation plan. The company is trying all it can in order to retain its customers. They are coming up with new ideas and several data plans. Jio has always gone for the Low-cost scheme. This is how the users were attracted in the first place.

The Rs. 52 plan gives 6GB with 4G speed. The validity for this is 28 days. After the data limit is reached, the speed goes down to 64Kbps. The Rs. 72 plan is a little different; it goes for 0.5GB with a validity of 28 days.

Along with these, there are higher cost plans as well. There are Rs. 102 and Rs. 152 plans as well. The Rs. 102 pack offers a total of 28GB of 4G data and the Rs. 152 pack comes with 56GB on 4G speed.

These offers can be availed by all the Jio-phone users and are exclusively for them. 

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