Instagram To Remove Swipe-Up Link In Stories: Check Why

25 Aug, 2021 13:14 IST|Sakshi Post

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is now planning to ditch the ‘swipe-up’ link in Instagram stories from August 30. This feature of Instagram enables the businesses and high-profile creators a way to direct their Story’s viewers to a website where they could learn more about a product, read an article, sign up for a service or watch video or do anything a user wanted to promote.

With the announcement of disabling the ‘swipe-up’ feature, users were worried. However, the company said that a call to action sticker will be replacing the swipe-up feature. This sticker had been in testing starting in June with a small handful of users, the company said. But on August 30, it will begin to roll out more broadly.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong first noticed the announcement in which the company told the creators of the plan to shut down swipe-up links. Instagram asked the users who currently have access to the swipe-up link will convert them to the Link Sticker starting August 30.

This will include businesses and creators who are either verified or who have met the threshold for follower count of at least 10,000 followers. The new Link Sticker has a couple of key advantages over the older “swipe-up” link. For starters, it offers greater creator control over their Stories.

Reports claim that the Link Sticker can toggle between different styles and can be resized like the polls, questions and location stickers.  Besides this, the viewers will now be able to react and reply to posts that have the Link Sticker attached just like any other Story. Earlier, that sort of feedback is not accessible on posts with the swipe-up link.  

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