Criminals Using This Spam SMS To Hack Your WhatsApp Account

18 Mar, 2021 11:22 IST|Sakshi Post

With the technology change, the focus is on making things easier for a person. From chatting to calling to even payment methods, anything and everything can be done via a phone. But with this change, the risk of losing personal data has also increased.

In a new method of hacking, now the person will only do one thing and that is to redirect your messages to them. With this, they can get potential information like OTP or other bank details. This way the hacker gets access to a person’s WhatsApp account.

The problem is that in other ways, there is a chance that you will realize someone is trying to hack your phone. But in the method where the hacker tries to gain access through SMS, it is difficult to get alerted about the matter. The phone will remain connected to the internet, a reception will be fine. But who will not know is that a message will be redirected to the hacker.

In case any messages are redirected to the hackers, they will gain access to the phone number and through it the access to social media accounts connected with it. This is easier than the SIM swapping attacks. In the SIM swapping attack, a user will lose connectivity on their phone. They will be able to realize that there is a hacking attempt.

Did it ever happen to you that you clicked on “Send OTP” but you do not receive it? What you do is just click on Send OTP again. What many people do not realize is that the OTP might have been redirected to a hacker.

If you do not want to get mobile verification that is text messages, you can add your email id to the account and get the OTP or messages there.

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