Apple Headphones Airpods Max Costs 60K, Can I Hear God? Asks Netizen

11 Dec, 2020 17:28 IST|Sakshi Post

If you thought that luxury brand makers like Apple would lash prices of their products given the rising unemployment rate caused by the coronavirus pandemic, then you must read this before jumping the gun.

By now, you know that Apple released its headphones airpods max and instead of cutting the price, Apple has released it at an insanely expensive price. The Apple Airpods max has been priced at nearly 60K, Rs 59,990 to be precise. The wireless headphones claim to give the listener ultimate HD audio experience with adaptive EQ and comes with active noise cancellation feature too.

We all know that those who are brand conscious will buy no matter the price. However, a few poor netizens like me are just wondering what extra could these airpods max offer that makes the brand put an exorbitant price tag to it. 

Netizens have gone one step further and posted memes. One user said if it's so expensive then I might as well hear the gods. Here's a look at some funny memes on Apple airpods max...




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