Yuvraj Singh Gets Bail in Casteist Remarks Case

18 Oct, 2021 11:03 IST|Sakshi Post

Former India cricketer Yuvraj Singh was arrested and released on bail in an alleged casteist remarks case. Haryana Police said that he has been briefly arrested and then released on bail as part of the investigation into a complaint in which he made some casteist remarks in an Instagram Live Video against cricketer Yuzvendra Chahal. However, Yuvraj Singh had apologized for the unintentional remarks.

Nitika Gahlaut, a senior police officer in Hansi of Haryana said that "As per court orders, Yuvraj Singh was arrested and then released on interim bail on Saturday."

Yuvraj Singh also released a statement on his official Twitter handle last year. The statement reads, "I understand that while I was having a conversation with my friends, I was misunderstood, which was unwarranted. However, as a responsible Indian I want to say that if I have unintentionally hurt anybody's sentiments or feelings, I would like to express regret for the same. My love for India and all its people is eternal."

The activist, Rajat Kalsan, said, "On October 6, the police was asked to include Yuvraj Singh in the probe. We have learned that  Yuvraj Singh surrendered before the police in Hisar, he was questioned for two to three hours and then arrested. He was then released on bail bonds."

He further stated that, "The police will submit its final report in a few days in the SC/ST court in Hisar and Yuvraj Singh will have to take regular bail from there. He will have to attend the hearings at the court in Hisar. We will do our best to prove his guilt since he has insulted the whole community."

He also said, "Also, since the bail was given to him under the SC/ST Act, we are challenging it in the Supreme Court and hopefully you will see him behind bars."

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