Women's Cricket: Netizens Fume at Third Umpire Decision That Led India to Lose Against Australia in 2nd ODI

25 Sep, 2021 12:33 IST|Sakshi Post

The Australian women won the second one-day international (ODI) against the Indian women, continuing their winning streak. The game concluded in a last-over thriller, and the Australian team defeated the Indian women by five wickets.

While the audience liked the game, many were unimpressed by India's misfields and needless throws at the stumps. However, there was one question raised among the audience about whether the last ball of the last over was a no-ball or not.

Jhulan Goswami had taken the ball to deliver the last over, and Australia needed 13 runs from six balls to win. India, on the other hand, couldn't take the stress and be seen misfielding a lot.

When Australia needed three runs from one ball to win, everything changed. Goswami bowled to Nicola Carey, who hit the ball to square leg and was caught. The Indians were celebrating their victory but the umpires came in to see if it was a no-ball

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The third umpire took his time determining if the ball was above the waist. While it appeared to be a close, the third umpire took his time and watched numerous replays. If it was a no-ball, Australia would require 1 off 1 since they ran 1 and without a doubt, the umpire called it a no-ball.

Soon after, netizens were frustrated about India's fielding, but they also wanted to know if it was truly a no-ball or if it was in favor of Team Australia.

Here are a few reactions:

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