Will BCCI Increase IPL Window? Deets Inside

10 May, 2022 17:10 IST|Sakshi Post

With two new teams, the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL) season is one of the longest in terms of matches and duration. In this season, the matches were extended from 60 to 74 because of the inclusion of new teams.

The fact that last year's IPL was split into two halves and ended in October had an impact on viewing for this year's event, with the first few weeks seeing a 33% drop. 

There is no doubt that the BCCI contributes significantly to the ICC's earnings. The BCCI is in negotiations with the ICC about lengthening the league to allow more matches, which will help them produce more money.

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The ICC currently reserves a two-month window for the IPL, but the BCCI wants to extend it in order to host more matches and organise a larger IPL.

"The cricket governing body in India, which generates around 80% of the sport's worldwide revenue, is collaborating with the International Cricket Council to expand the IPL season's timeframe from the existing two months on the athletic calendar for more matches and better earnings will result from a longer timeframe,"according to a report in the Times of India

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