Sourav Ganguly's Sensational Comments On Virat Kohli's Attitude

19 Dec, 2021 12:10 IST|Sakshi Post

Former India captain and BCCI president, Sourav Ganguly, claimed that he admires Virat Kohli's attitude, but he is upset by Kohli's tendency to fight with everyone.

At an event in Gurgaon, Ganguly made the remarks while addressing a question on which player had the best attitude. "I appreciate Virat Kohli's attitude, but he fights a lot," observed the BCCI president.

Ganguly was also asked how he copes with stress, to which he gave a funny reply. "There is no such thing as stress in life. Only his wife and girlfriend cause stress.

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After Kohli refuted Ganguly's claims about the captaincy move, both Indian cricketing titans left supporters perplexed.

During a press conference ahead of India's visit to South Africa, Kohli stated that he was not asked to continue leading the squad in the shorter format. However, the BCCI president stated in an interview a few days before the press conference that he personally addressed Kohli about continuing to captain the team in T20Is.

Meanwhile, following Kohli's dramatic press conference, the BCCI president declined to say much about it, claiming that the BCCI will deal with it.

Kohli and his team are now in South Africa, where they will begin a three-match Test series on December 26.

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