Meet Fouzia and Naziya, Hyderabad's Teen Female Fencers

26 May, 2022 11:48 IST|Sakshi Post

Sheikh Fouzia and Sheikh Naziya, natives of Nalgonda, Telangana, are dedicated to fencing, a summer Olympics sport, in order to one day represent India at the international level.

Fouzia and Naziya are the children of an RTC bus driver who has worked hard to ensure his daughters' success. Fouzia and Naziya and their younger brother also an accomplished fencer have dedicated their lives to playing world-class fencing.

Fouzia, 19, and Naziya, 17, have been training for the last eight years. After being chosen at the district level, they were accepted into the Telangana State Sports School in Hakkimpet, which is well-known for its sports teaching.

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They stated that they were drawn to the manner in which the game was played. The clothing, sword changing, gaming methods, and analyzing of the opponent all piqued their curiosity.

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