Japanese People Wants Tokyo Olympics To Be Cancelled Or Delayed

13 Apr, 2021 12:08 IST|Sakshi Post

The second wave of the pandemic is spreading across the world and most of the states are once again planning for lockdown. Last year, the Tokyo Olympics were postponed to 2021 because of lockdown but now, the majority of the Japanese fans want to cancel or delay the Tokyo Olympics. Just over 100 days left for the Olympics and this news poll came out on Monday.

The Kyodo survey shows about 39.2% want the games to get canceled while 32.8% voted for it to get delayed and only 24.5% gave a thumbs up for the event to continue as per schedule. This survey was conducted from April 10 to 12 in which more than 92% of people felt that cases will increase.

On the other hand, vaccinations have begun at around 120 places across the country for people aged 65 and above. The survey also found that about 60% of people were dissatisfied with japan’s progress on the immunization program.

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