Indian Wrestler Sushil Kumar Demands Protein Shake in Jail

10 Jun, 2021 14:05 IST|Sakshi Post

Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar, who was detained this month in the murder case of fellow countryman Sagar Rana, has demanded an extravagant diet that includes a protein shake and exercise bands as he prepares for the forthcoming Tokyo Olympics.

As per the buzz, Kumar feels that the inmates' diet, which consists of five rotis, two vegetables, dal, and rice served twice a day, is insufficient for an athlete, and that he wishes to supplement his daily food intake with nutritional supplements such as Omega 3 capsules, pre-workout supplements, and multivitamin pills, among other things.

The two-time Olympic medalist's demands are in sharp contrast to how he acted when he was apprehended by the Delhi Police after fleeing and eluding them for several weeks.

Kumar was deafeningly quiet at the time, sorry for his deeds, weeping, sleepless, and refusing to eat anything.

Kumar, on the other hand, isn't the first to demand preferential treatment from law officers. On the 26th of May, the day he turned 38, reports surfaced that he intended to go on a "wrestler's diet," but he was immediately turned down.

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