Indian Cricketers in England Will Undergo Daily Tests For COVID

16 Jul, 2021 11:22 IST|Sakshi Post

Following Rishabh Pant, Dayanand Garani, an Indian team support staff member in England, has tested positive for Covid-19. Three other coaching assistants have been quarantined. The four, along with Rishabh Pant, would not be travelling to Durham with the team.

Pant tested positive for the Covid-19 virus in England and is currently being treated at a relative's home. He will likely join the tour in Durham later.

Wriddhiman Saha, Abhimanyu Ishwaran, and bowling coach Bharat Arun were in quarantine as they were close to  Dayanand  Garani. The trio got negative in the RT-PCR test, but they were still in isolation. Today they will undergo another Covid test. Currently, the three have been quarantined at a hotel in London.

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Even though the three tested negative on RT-PCR as per the British rules, they have to stay in quarantine for a few more days. BCCI stated that Pant was tested twice after he tested positive and got a negative report, even though he will be in quarantine for the next seven days. Currently, Pant is recovering.

From now on, every player and supporting staff will undergo Corona tests daily. The BCCI secretary also wrote a letter urging all players to strictly follow COVID rules. Cricketers from Team India, their families, and support staff were all given a second dose of cove shield.

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