Did India Give Up Too Easily Against Pakistan?

24 Oct, 2021 23:23 IST|Sakshi Post

India Vs Pakistan match at the T20 World Cup came as a huge disappointment for the Indian cricket fans. The match, which took place at the Dubai International Stadium was heartbreaking for the millions of fans back home as well as those who flew all the way to Dubai to catch the action live. 
Pakistan won the toss and asked Indians to bat. 

Indians did their best to recover after losing the first few wickets quickly. It felt as if the match was turning in India's favour as Virat Kohli took charge backed by Rishab pant. KL Rahul was a huge letdown, btw. 
However, just when Indian fans were hopeful about India repeating its magic, the two opening batsmen did wonders for Pakistan with their unbeaten partnership helping Pak score a 10 wicket win over India. 

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Pakistan do doubt put up a brilliant show. Even though the pressure was very evident on Kohli's face and he did his best to try and save the match with fielder placements as well sending bowlers, nothing really helped.  No Indian bowler could help. However, what came as a shock was in the last few overs it felt as if the Indian side had given up.

The fact that the bowlers gave away a humungous number of sixes and fours to the Pakistan Bowlers was Unfortunate. 

India vs Pakistan or any match for that matter is an unpredictable one. Anything can happen at the last minute. But fans felt that Indians gave up too easily towards the end of the match. 

All said and done, this is only the first match for India and it would be a grave mistake to write them off. There are many more games to be played and cicketing moments to be enjoyed

However, many others believe that there will be a semi-final or finals between India and Pakistan.

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