Delhi Capitals' Player Prithvi Shaw Stopped By Police Enroute Goa

14 May, 2021 16:24 IST|Sakshi Post

COVID has created great damage to the country. To control the virus, several states have chosen lockdown as their last option. Although officials urge people not to venture, some people continue to violate the rules. 

 In a recent development, Delhi Capitals and Indian cricket Team player Prithvi Shaw chose to go on holiday with his friends because he has a lot of free time now that the IPL has been suspended until 2021. He was on his way to the famous vacation spot Goa via Kolhapur, where he was stopped by police in Amboli for not having an e-pass.

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Shaw pleaded with the police to let him go, but they refused. To travel inside the state, which is under lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak, an e-pass is now required. Later, 21-year-old Shaw applied for an e-pass online, which he got in a couple of hours and left for Goa. Earlier, Prithvi Shaw missed a chance to play the test series against England due to weight issues.

As per the buzz, Prithvi always moves slowly between the wickets. He also has issues with his weight. He also struggled when fielding in Australia. On his return from Australia, Shaw has been working hard to reduce his weight.

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