Euro 2020 Portugal Vs Hungary Match Highlights

16 Jun, 2021 14:35 IST|Sakshi Post
Pic Courtesy: EURO2020 (Twitter)

We knew that with Portugal, Germany, France and Hungary in one group for the EURO 2020 matches, it will be worth watching. The teams facing off each other will make an entertaining and also nerve-wracking scene.

In this group, Hungary is seen as the weaker ones with Germany and France seen as the top teams. Portugal was expected to play well against Hungary but the contribution of Cristiano Ronaldo in it was something that not many thought of. The 36-year-old player showed everyone that he still has it in him. The player can still score well for his country.

The match between Hungary and Portugal was won by the latter with a 3-0 victory. All those doubting the team and its players have the answer. Portugal was the champion of the 2016 season and this time as well they have come prepared.

Portugal has Cristiano Ronaldo in their team and it is not just him, but the overall squad that is powerful enough to make other teams, worried. Bruno Fernandes, Bernardo Silva and forward Diogo Jota showed everyone that they are here too and you should be watching them. These players are capable enough to make the matches an interesting one.

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Bruno Fernandes was a crucial player in Manchester United’s matches. While on the other hand, Bernardo Silva was an important part of the team during Manchester City's Premier League. He was considered the protagonist in their win. Diogo Jota was the crucial one in Liverpool.

As fans expected of Hungary, the team did not disappoint. Yes, they lost the match, but they put up a great fight. The cheers from the fans on their home ground did give them a boost. When things started to look not too good for Portugal, Ronaldo was there. By the second half at the 87th minute, Ronaldo managed to give Portugal a lead by 2-0.

His goals led the team to victory and not just that it also came as a fitting reply to all those who doubted him.

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