Cricket Twitter India in Multiple Indian Languages, Know More

22 Oct, 2021 11:31 IST|Sakshi Post

With the goal of improving the immersive experience for cricket fans, the microblogging site Twitter launched a live scorecard on Thursday and is also testing the country's first Twitter Community - Cricket Twitter India.

The scorecard will appear on the Explore tab and live Events Page during a match. Fans will be able to follow the match's scores in real-time while scrolling through Tweets.

"This means that when fans are engaged in real-time match conversation on Twitter, they won't have to go anywhere else to keep up with the score," the company said in a statement.

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"The scorecard will be available to everyone in India on iOS and the Web, and will gradually roll out to the majority of Android users. "In the coming weeks, we will look for additional ways to make it easier for users to find relevant match content and join conversations with people," the company said.

The company is also testing Cricket Twitter – India, its first Community outside of the US dedicated to Indian cricket fans, to discuss all things cricket in multiple Indian languages.

Communities began testing in the United States in September of this year as a way for people to find and connect with others who share their interests. They are currently only accessible by invitation.

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