Afghan Women Can't Play Sports, States Taliban New Rule

10 Sep, 2021 15:20 IST|Sakshi Post

 The newly formed Taliban government will prohibit Afghanistan women from participating in cricket and other sports in which their bodies could be seen based on sources

"I don't think women will be allowed to play cricket because it is not necessary for women to play cricket," said Ahmadullah Wasiq, deputy head of the Taliban's cultural commission, according to sources.

Afghanistan has a national women's cricket team, but this position, like that of every other woman in the country, has been called into question since the Taliban ousted the US-backed government. Female athletes who once aspired to compete at an international level have resorted to hiding or fleeing the country.

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"Right now, every woman playing cricket or other sports is not safe," a member of the women's team said. "The situation in Kabul is dire."

The Afghanistan men's team prepares for a test match in Australia in November. However, when asked about the future of the national women's team, a Taliban official said the outlook is bleak. "In cricket, they may find themselves in a situation where their face and body are not covered. "Islam forbids women from being portrayed in this manner," said Wasiq.

The Taliban's role could seriously damage Afghanistan's standing in sports. The International Cricket Council requires countries to have women's teams in order to gain full membership, which Afghanistan did in 2017.

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