Special Enzyme Discovered That Breaks Down Plastic Waste Within Hours

3 May, 2022 15:44 IST|Sakshi Post

Scientists have created an enzyme that can break down plastic trash in "hours rather than millennia," according to the researchers.

The recycling process has the potential to change the way big businesses reuse resources.

Globally, around 10 billion tonnes of plastic have been created.

Lifestyle News: At ambient temperatures, researchers have discovered an enzyme that breaks down plastic trash in hours rather than decades. The enzyme FAST-PETase was created from a natural PETase that allows bacteria to digest plastic (functional, active, stable, and tolerant PETase). This enzyme, according to experts, breaks down plastic into its fundamental molecular parts, which may then be recycled into new goods.

Scientists claim to have developed an enzyme type that may degrade plastic trash in hours or days rather than years.

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According to the researchers, the discovery has the potential to revolutionise how large businesses reuse plastics that now damage the environment, kill animals and marine life, and end up in human bodies.

Plastic pollution, experts said earlier this year, poses a threat almost equal to climate change, claiming that overproduction of plastics jeopardises the planet's basic ability to maintain a habitable environment.

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