Challenging Star Darshan's Sensational Comments On Future of Theatres in OTT Age

20 Jun, 2021 12:16 IST|Sakshi Post

Covid has turned the entire world upside down. While the numbers are on the decline, the fear around third wave continues to linger. While people have been deprived of the joy of watching movies in theatres, OTT is gaining popularity. 

Now, there is also talk that there is no future for cinema theatres. However, Sandalwood challenging star Darshan does not accept the logic. He has explained this with an example.

Speaking in an interview to a news website, Darshan said, "It is always going to be a film. Let me give a good example of this. When Robert's trailer was released, I met producer Rockline Venkatesh's son Yatiraj. He said Roberrt's trailer was not good. I was surprised."

Yatiraj went to the theatre and watched the film. Then came the reply that it was wonderful. It is appealing in the theatre. Movies may not to be so effective when viewed on mobile. This is the difference. The feel on the big screen is different. Therefore, cinema halls will remain till the end, says Darshan. 

All the nine zoos in Karnataka have suffered financial hardships due to lockdown. This has resulted in the Karnataka Zoo Authority struggling to fund animal feed. Forest department officials had appealed to actor Darshan to help the zoo in its plight. Within six days of request, money was deposited into the zoo authority's account.

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