Bigg Boss Kannada 8: Shubha Poonja First Contestant To Be Eliminated From BBK8?

4 Mar, 2021 17:23 IST|Sakshi Post

Activities inside the Bigg Boss Kannada house are moving swiftly. Soon after the contestants settled down in the house, Bigg Boss asked each member to nominate two contestants for eviction in the first weekend and also say why they were nominating a certain BBK8 participant. There were four members who got nominated with several contestants opting for common names. However, the Bigg Boss gave them an opportunity to escape getting eliminated from the house.

Fans who are glued to this TV reality show are well aware that anything can happen inside the Bigg Boss house. This has been proved time and again. What happened on the third day inside the Kannada Bigg Boss is a fresh example for this. There were lot of surprising developments that happened inside the house on day 3. Nidhi Subbaiah who was nominated this week has got into the safety zone while Shubha Poonja has got nominated.

Like we said earlier, contestants were given a chance to redeem themselves by entrusting them with a task. They were told that those who won the task and are in nomination list could get into safe zone and vice-versa. The contestants were asked to choose an opponent for the task. Nidhi chose Shubha Poonja as the opponent and defeated her in the task thereby getting into the safe zone while Shubha Poonja who got unexpectedly nominated for eviction is now in the danger zone.

Now, Shubha Poonja has joined the likes of other nominated contestants like Nirmala, Vishwa and Raghu. Whoever gets the least votes will get eliminated from the Kannada Bigg Boss house in the very first week of eviction.

Meanwhile, Prashanth Sambargi got into the safe zone by nominating Vishwanath. Stating the reason for his choice, Prashanth had said that he had chosen Vishwa as he was a weak opponent. Manju Pavagada, on tghe other hand, chose Raghu saying he was on par with him. He said he would at least be happy that he has lost to an able candidate which won the hearts of Bigg Boss fans. However, Manju Pavagada won the task pushing Raghu into danger zone.

Going by the popularity and buzz on social media, Shubha Poonja will be the first contestant to be eliminated from the Bigg Boss kannada. This is what the trends show. Let's see who's that unfortunate contestant.

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